A postcard from home

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Maxi dress - Boohoo
Earrings - TKMaxx (brand unknown)
Gold necklace - TKMaxx (Dyadema)
Black necklace - Gifted from my family in India
Hi, my lovely lot!  So we're week 5 into lockdown and I think we can all agree that emotions are high.  I just cannot seem to keep mine under control, spending all this time with my own thoughts is making my usual over-thinking of things reach a whole new level.  I'm actively exercising, probably more than ever before, and have taken up meditation.  Both have provided me with a moment of inner peace and clarity yet it still doesn't seem to be enough to pull me out of the intensity of my feelings and thoughts.  But hey, it was inevitable that lockdown was going to lead to waves of positivity and negativity, guess we're all feeling like we're on that emotional roller coaster right?

Anyway, at least we have the weather on our side!  I don't even want to think about what this time would be like with gloomy winter weather, this daily dose of vitamin D is keeping spirits high for sure.  So, thank you mother nature for bringing us some sunny happiness during this very strange time and I hope you're all enjoying it as much as possible, whilst keeping safe of course, whether that be with a book, a nice cold G&T, or a Cornetto in hand.

Speaking of Cornettos, I feel that I was subconsciously inspired by one when deciding to wear this dress (which is seven years old and has become one of my summer staples) for another gloriously sunny day.  The funny thing is is that Cornettos cropped up as a topic of discussion this week and I think consequently I have subtly channelled the strawberry Cornetto or some sort of strawberry ice cream in some way.  Could it be the pale pink tone, or the ombre effect, who knows but let's not overthink it.  Anyway, the other funny thing here is that Cornettos aren't even my favourite ice-cream so the reason I seem to be referring to them so much clearly shows that nothing truly interesting happened this week, making a conversation about Cornettos the highlight thus inspiring an outfit choice and now a craving for ice cream.

Ok, so enough about Cornettos.  I actually wanted to direct today's post towards another of my favourite things - music.  Music has always been a constant in my life and now more than ever I can't imagine a world without it.  The clichest of cliches I know, but it has definitely kept me going through these days stuck at home.  Whatever mood I'm in, there'll always be some kind of sing-song or boogie happening and it is certainly helping my mental health right now.

Undoubtedly music is one thing that bonds us all together, a universal language that stays with us when we feel happy, sad, connected, loved, or lonely.  It helps understand and mend the array of emotions we feel, and are currently feeling in lockdown, and I am ever so grateful for it.  Did anyone watch the One World: Together At Home show?  I watched both the 8hr and the 2hr show on the BBC and thoroughly enjoyed the performances from artists at their homes from all around the globe.  A true representation that music really does connect us all.

On this note, I've decided to share with you all a special playlist of mine.  This is an ongoing list of all the songs I enjoy listening to, a mix of old and new, known and possibly not as known, cheerful, soulful, deeply emotional and nostalgic.  I've thought a lot about whether I wanted to share this or not as I've been very content with keeping this solely mine.  Songs become so personal to all of us and therefore may not resonate in the same way with one person as it does with another; there's a reason why all these songs were chosen and that becomes a very private thing.

Then again, I think about how music heals and comforts us in times of need and uncertainty, just like now.  For me, this is the music that is keeping me mentally sane (along with individual albums and a playlist of the best musical and Disney songs) during lockdown.  So, if you want a boogie, want a cry, want to listen to something new, or simply revisit/rediscover a song you haven't heard in a while, then scroll through and enjoy My Ultimate Playlist .  I hope it can bring some more positivity and connectivity during our current global situation.

Until next time, Lyds x

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