The Three Rs: Rescue, Rewear and Restyle

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Jumper - Ralph Lauren (via Mercy in Action charity shop)
Leather Trousers - Zara
Biker Boots - Dune London
Sunglasses - Dune London
Earrings - ASOS
Necklaces - TKMaxx and gifted

Hi, again my lovely lot!  Now, if you've read any of my previous posts you'd know that being more sustainable in my fashion choices has become my passion for the last two years or so.  In all the many ways I have tried to be more fashion-conscious (my restyling project post and my post on understanding your clothes, gives you a little insight into these ways) one that I find particularly enjoyable is buying second-hand clothes from charity shops.  Just like all of you, I still love and crave shopping sprees, let's face it we all need a bit of retail therapy from time to time right?  So for me, charity shop shopping settles that craving whilst being mindful of my fashion footprint. 

There are so many perks as to why charity shops/vintage shops, etc. are the best place to buy new things.  Buying second hand ultimately means getting an item for a fraction of the original price and I mean who doesn't love a bargain?  It gives unwanted/unloved clothes another lease of life, saving them from being dumped in landfill and adding more to our world pollution problem, and you can also find some amazing vintage and unique pieces that you just won't find on our fast fashion high-streets.  One particular reason though as to why I love going to charity shops so much more now over high-street stores is because of the enjoyment that comes from the experience; you never know what you might find and that is the best part of shopping.  Unfortunately, nowadays I feel that this has been lost, there are no surprises in shopping anymore as the high-streets have just become a place to locate the same mass-produced goods.  It is so refreshing then to wander into a charity shop or vintage store and experience that treasure hunt feeling of finding the next item to lovingly keep in your wardrobe.

Sheer Bodysuit - PrettyLittleThing
Dress - Unknown (via Willen Hospice charity shop)
Biker Boots - Dune London
Since going to charity shops whenever I need that little bit of retail therapy, my wardrobe has become a strong and exciting mixture of old favourites and charity shop goodies that all represent longevity.  Every new piece bought becomes my favourite item in my wardrobe and I love re-wearing and re-styling the same pieces over and over again.  So, on a recent weekend trip to Porto, Portugal I packed with re-wearing and styling up old and new charity shop buys in mind.  A constant throughout all my looks on the trip was my trusty Dune biker boots.  Ever since buying them two years ago, they have become my go-to shoe - a genuine investment piece that I love to wear over and over again, and for this trip, they were just the perfect shoe option to style up my looks from day-to-night.  

Making the most out of the sunny weather I teamed a denim maxi skirt with one of my favourite charity shop buys ever, an oversized Joseph blazer, to create an easy feel city break look.  Whenever I have those days of uncertainty about what to wear, I put this blazer on over any outfit and I instantly feel good - a true treasure hunt piece.  For another day of exploring the beautiful city of Porto, albeit on a slightly gloomier day, I paired my boots and leather trousers with an exciting new charity shop buy, a gorgeous blue and white ombre knit which has the loveliest fit and silhouette.  This was a great piece to transition into the night spent in the city and equally is a great piece to transition into the spring season. Finally, on a night that allowed plenty of time for an outfit change, I styled up another new charity shop purchase - a black and white printed sleeveless dress.  As the nights in Porto had a slight chill, I added a sheer bodysuit underneath as a layering piece and teamed my Dune boots to add a grungier feel to an otherwise elegant dress.  With such a simple design, it makes for another fun re-styling piece in my wardrobe. 

Beatles Band Tee - Unknown
Blazer - Joseph (via Mercy in Action charity shop)
Denim Skirt - Seven for All Mankind via TKMaxx
Denim Bag - Unknown (via Willen Hospice charity shop)
Biker Boots - Dune London
Sunglasses  - Dune London
With our planet needing as much help as possible to save it, I hope that when you 'need' to shop, you opt for your local charity shop so that more clothes can be rescued and re-loved.  I hope that when you buy your next item of clothing (charity shop or not), it was bought to be re-worn and re-styled at least 30 times.  Although these may seem small steps in the grand scheme of things, they are steps that are manageable and achievable in making more sustainable fashion choices.

Lyds x

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