Transitional dressing

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Hi everyone!  Before I get chatting about today's post, can I just say, I am so done with this weather, anyone else agree?  Don't get me wrong, one of my favourite things is snuggling up with a jumper, duvet and hot water bottle, but I am desperate for some heat.  It's March, and it feels like we've just entered December.  Can we have spring now?
Coat - Topshop
Boots - Dune London

As I discussed in last week's post, this week's is all about transitional dressing - being able to wear those summer items that are new in stores, whilst still being weather appropriate.  For me, the simplest and most fail-safe way to convert an item into a transitional look is through a standard turtleneck/ roll neck.  Not only are they an instant fix for layering, but they also add an extra bit of dimension to an outfit.  Additionally, for any of those who may want to be a little more adventurous with their styling, I would highly suggest layering a turtleneck of a different colour or print (i.e. stripes) to create a fun and interesting combination that also brightens up these dull wintery days. 

Turtleneck - ASOS
Wrap Dress - Warehouse
Another easy suggestion for transitional dressing is to style an item with other weather appropriate clothing.  This may sound extremely obvious, but it again is the simplest way - mix those pretty skirts or dresses with chunky boots; layer your cosiest hoodie under a coat and don't forget the brilliance of hosiery!  Although they can be slightly uncomfortable and probably the most unattractive thing to put on in the morning, tights work absolute wonders for making a look transitional.  And... don't forget, there's an abundance to choose from (black, coloured, fashion) to help mix up your style. 

One final way to tackle transitional dressing is to just have fun with your wardrobe in terms of layering!  Consider layering t-shirts over shirts or tops, cami's over shirts or jumpers.  Maybe even try layering dresses over trousers!  I know some of you could be thinking this is way out of your comfort zone in terms of your own personal style but that's why I'm suggesting using your wardrobe - it is the epitome of your personal style.  Don't panic and think you need to buy a new item to make an outfit work, because 90% of the time, you'll have a great alternative already in your closet, you just need to experiment and trust those pieces that are already with you.  By doing this, I guarantee transitional dressing will become so much easier. 

Lyd xx

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