When life gives you lemons...

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Top - Mango
Jeans - Levis
Boots - Zara

When life gives you lemons, what else would you do but put them on a top eh? 

With a slight chill in the air, gloomy days and the night crawling upon us earlier and earlier, I think we can all agree that Autumn is finally here - some more chuffed than others probably.  But, with the new season upon us, it does mean that we get to bring out those beloved autumn/winter pieces once more; think of those chilly nights wrapped up like some pigs in blanket - a food related simile of course - with scarfs, jumpers and my favourite - boots!  Ahh, I do just love this season...apart from the rain, that can go away.

The weather is what inspired today's outfit - gloomy weather equals a gloomy mood, so what do I do? Throw on my new favourite piece, this oh so funky lemon top from Mango to brighten up the day and my mood; a totally in your face piece but, one that incorporates a few of my favourite things - stripes, ruffles, slogans and what appears to now include lemons too.  What's not to love?

The next piece to this outfit is the newest and best item in my wardrobe - a pair of Levis!  I've been on the hunt for some ever since a pair appeared in a charity shop when I was with a few pals, it was clearly not meant to be for me then and instead went into the better hands of my friend, however, jump a few weeks to last Saturday, I bagged myself this splendid pair of dark washed, low rise jeans for £8, what a bargain!  In all honesty, I gave them a slight bit of DIY by trimming off a fair chunk off each leg and creating a raw-edged hem so they didn't quite look how they look now, but for £8 I have now created my perfect pair of jeans.  And... paired with my all-time favourite booties which were featured in my first EVER blog post (click here to read) has created a really relaxed, yet 'put together' look which I really love!  This may even qualify for a uni outfit, who knows!

Lyd xx

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