Ready for red

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Jumper - Zara
Leather trousers - Zara
Bag - New Look
Sandals - ASOS

With fashion month well under way providing us with an insight into a whole array of colours, shapes and prints to look forward to next Spring/Summer.  I thought I'd focus today's post on one massive trend that the catwalks provided us with for this season - red.  The colour of passion and excitement, yet one that also symbolises anger and lust; red is a stimulating hue with strong shades that are set to carry us through these colder months; a "confident and self-assured attention-getter." (Pantone Color Institute)

There is no denying that red has become a sure favourite amongst, well pretty much everyone.  And... with myself being a potential number one fan, I thought I'd create an outfit which contains all the goodness that the colour has to offer. 

Starting with this oversized jumper of dreams, I paired it with these leather trousers and my go-to socks and sandals combo for a grungier effect, and... to protect my feet from the cold, what can I say, I'm practical.  Finally, because there can never be too much red in an outfit, I've topped it all off by adding a statement bag, to create a look which combines sexiness with comfort. 

Apart from the fact that this outfit makes me feel great, I had fun putting it together! Because red is just that - fun.  It happens to be the most flattering colour for all skin tones, thus allowing people to play around with their clothes, mixing varying shades and textures in the hue to create a dynamic, bold and extremely sexy look.  So, if you haven't already, why not delve into this confident colour by incorporating some red accessories into your outfit à la Fendi, or, for those of you who are tempted to go slightly bolder and make that daring statement, try wearing head to toe red as seen at Max Mara.

Lyd xx

Photos -                                        L-R: Max Mara, Fendi, Ralph Lauren

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