Blazers: A must have

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Blazer - Gharani Strok London
Nude crop top -
Cut off jeans - Tophsop
Shoes - Zara
I have a new-found love for blazers, it's that perfect piece to turn a 'this look is good' kind of outfit to a 'this look is great' kind of outfit, despite it taking me a while to accept them as anything other than part of my school uniform which I had to wear for 5 years.  But alas, with no set uniform in my life and years of being blazer free, I have come back around in full circle and have ended up in none other than a blazer.  And with no association to connect a blazer with now, such as work or school, I can fully understand why others love them as a wardrobe essential and now, why I do too.  So, I'll give you a reason, actually no, I'll give you 5 as to why a blazer is a must have in your wardrobe:
Number 1. They create that perfect smart casual balance which everyone loves, admit it, you let out a sigh of relief when an event's outfit theme is suggested as 'smart casj'.
Number 2. This smart casual balance then means that a blazer can take you from a day outfit straight to a night outfit without the added fuss of any outfit changes.
Number 3. With the right fit and style, they can create a great silhouette which mixes femininity with masculinity.
Number 4. They are a great layering piece to take you into the cooler evenings of the summer.
And number 5. They are oh so chic and come in a variety of styles and fabrics meaning that there is a blazer fit for everyone; so, if you don't have one already, I would certainly recommend investing.

Lyd xx

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