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Those of you who know me will be aware that I have what can be described as an unhealthy obsession with shoes, I am forever needing more and more even though I no longer have space to store them all; which by the way has resulted in them being distributed throughout rooms in the house as well as some being in storage at uni.  Along with this, for someone who really doesn't have the financial means to indulge in such things, I went ahead anyway and purchased two new wonderful pairs of sandals, because naturally, my heart overrules my brain. 

And so, last Thursday on her birthday, I became my big sis' personal shopper and we delved into the chaos which was the Zara sale.  My intention was never to come out of the store with anything for myself, but of course, that is always the way; when you're never looking for it, that's when you find it.  So, what ended up being an incredibly successful shopping trip for my sister, also became successful for both my mum and I - what can I say, when's there's a sale on in Zara, you just can't say no.  Therefore, along with these two fabulous sandals, both £15 each *insert heart eyes emoji*, I also brought home a gorgeous blush pink suede jacket and a pair of black leather trousers, which I'm sure will be featured in posts to come.  Although, for reasons I'm sure you'll understand, the trousers will not be worn until the weather cools down because I almost had a Ross from 'Friends' moment in the changing room when trying them on; you may picture it and you may laugh.

Lyd xx

Striped tied wedge

Blue satin flat-form sandal

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