Welcome back!

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Ruffle shirt - ASOS
The Beatles t-shirt - Vintage
Cut off jeans - Topshop
Belt - Missguided
Mules - Front Row Shop
I'm finally back, hooray!
I just want to apologise quickly for my absence. To be honest, I don't really have much of an excuse apart from losing all interest. The appearance of my blog didn't portray what I wanted lvwears to look like and my content was not pleasing me either. If I wasn't satisfied and confident in my posts, then neither would you be. So, with almost a years hiatus (oops) which was spent completing my first year of uni in Belfast, I am back home ready to take on lvwears once more. Therefore, with a brand new appearance and with content which will actually relate to what I intended this blog to originally be, lvwears is back up and running and ready to contend in the blogging sphere.

Today's post is more of a welcome back post, hence the waffle, that post to get the ball rolling rather than it taking me a couple more days or even weeks to get the first post up and to get it perfect, a flaw that I struggle with, as of course, nothing can ever be perfect. Similarly to this then, I'd like to apologise for the poor quality of photos, unfortunately, I've stuck with the trusty iPhone to get my shots today. So, I hope that you can forgive me and make do for now...but, I guess the fun in all this is that you'll get to see my blog evolve and improve in standards, and I thank you in advance for sticking with me.

Now to actually focus on the blog content, lvwears pretty much explains itself; I wanted my blog to be a documentation of what I wear on a day to day basis, a way to constantly inspire myself to put together new things and also as a platform to show my style and outfits to a wider audience. This is not me bragging about my style and of course it's not going to be for everyone but this is more of a way for me to express my love for styling and for fashion by experimenting with pieces, and along the way, if my posts provide outfit inspo for any of you, well then that's just a bonus.

So today's outfit is all about layering, a transitional look that is a solution for the unpredictable British weather mixed with a combination of various trends seen on the SS17 catwalk. Ruffles were everywhere on the catwalk and are still everywhere, therefore, I've begun my look by pairing a fitted white shirt with ruffle details around the neck underneath a vintage band tee to create that interesting yet simple contrast of femininity meets grunge. I've then added a pair of light wash denim cut off jeans - the most flattering and easy way to make that transition away from skinny jeans, as alternative styles of denim jeans are all the rage right now. Finally to complete the look, I have added a pair of suede mules in the subtlest of pinks to add that touch of summer freshness that we all want here in the UK.

For those who may be interested in any of these pieces and where to find them, I have provided a few links to alternative options below.

Lyd xx


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