Paris Re-visited (Part I)

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My wanderlust has been growing extremely strong over these last few months. Maybe knowing that my parents have already planned two trips away in March together, where as I have none planned has triggered this desire. I'm not saying I'm upset or jealous that they're going on holiday, I think its more the fact that I have absolutely nothing to look forward to in summer.  Travelling has always been an exciting time for me, visiting both known and unknown places is something that I love to experience. I so desperately want to travel the world! I want to keep visiting new and exciting places; I want to immerse myself into different cultures, get creative and most of all, meet wonderful people.

My trip to Paris was very special to me; not only was it my 18th birthday present from my parents, it was also my first holiday with just my two sisters. Making it unforgettable and one of my favourite holidays to date.

We touched down in Paris late evening on the 2nd July 2015 to be unexpectedly greeted with a severe heat which not only was a complete surprise but it continued throughout the whole of our stay (but we weren't complaining...not yet anyway.)

Part 1 of sight seeing and acting like complete tourists occurred on our first proper day, we strolled up the beautiful Parisian streets towards the Sacrè Coeur de Montmatre and witnessed a stunning view of the city from the top of the hill. 

Expect a lot of building pictures, Parisian apartments are my absolute favourite.

Sunnies: ASOS
Top: Boohoo
Bag: New Look

Past the Basilica, the atmosphere of the city changed. Streets were filled with cute little markets, pop up art galleries, stools packed full of local painters and cafes round every corner - just what we were looking for and exactly what we loved. 

Dress: ASOS
Playsuit: Topshop

With the sun beating down on us in its full heat we retreated from the hustle and bustle into the coolest, as in temperature wise, ice cream parlour and treated ourselves to the most delicious and exotic flavoured ice cream. 

After our little treat, the chillness of the trip continued as we brought the afternoon to a close in a nearby park where we rested our feet and watched the world go by, before heading back to our apartment to prepare ourselves for the exciting evening planned ahead. 

The evening was particularly special as it was organised as a surprise for my birthday from Iaia (my Spanish Nan). We were given the opportunity to watch all the sites of the city slowly illuminate as the sun faded away during a Paris Night Tour.

My dress: ASOS
Sisters' Top: Topshop
                       Shorts: Missguided
                       Dress: River Island

The bus dropped us right on the door step to the Moulin Rouge. We were directed to our table where a bottle of champagne awaited. We took our seats, cheered to the night ahead and awaited the spectacular show to start. Unfortunately, no photos or videos were allowed passed the entrance to the theatre, however the show was truly brilliant and a definite must see.

After sipping on our many glasses of champagne (and sneaking an unfinished bottle in my bag), we made our way back to the apartment after an utterly fantastic yet tiring day and settled in for the night to see what awaited us on day two of our Paris trip.

End of part 1!

Lydia X

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