Just a Little Something I'm Loving at the Moment

by - 22:18

Giorgio Armani recently launched a truly fascinating new project - Films of City Frames.  Four aspiring directors from four different prestigious international film schools were set the task to create a short film inspired by real lives.  Narrated through the eyes and emotions of the characters, each film tells a story of how the individuals witness life in their own cities.  But, what makes this so incredible is Armani's clever catch.  The brands' 'Frames of Life' glasses collection is the underlying connection for each captivating story and as quoted by Armani, the collection 'serve as frames to the stories themselves'.  In addition, as an accompaniment to this project, the brand also released 'Frames of Life' - 5 stories told through the eyes of 5 different people around the world sharing their lives, their memories and their dreams.  To make this project even more amazing, you're able to browse each individual story through your own eyes, using their interactive programme. 

The cinematography of each film left me speechless; I was left feeling completely amazed and fascinated at how a simple collection could be promoted through an unbelievably well crafted idea. Giorgio Armani, I applaud you.

If you want to check these projects out for yourself, just click on the image below!

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