My first blog post/ New boots

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Zara booties, £69.99,
I've spent weeks 'umming' and 'ahhing' about what to write for my first blog post. But then, a few days ago I purchased these beauties and thought what better way to kick things off than to write about something that I love - Shoes. So, here goes...

I must admit, I am a 'shoeaholic', my collection is growing fast and will continue to grow fast. So, naturally I have constant new additions. The newest pair, are these Zara ankle boots which are perfect for this A/W. They are super comfy, stylish and ooze femininity with the sleek pointed toe. The neutral sandy tone sends you nicely into the colder months and is extremely suitable for our unpredictable British weather. Also, how amazing are the heels?! They alone define the decision on whether to buy them or not (well it was for me anyway). 

Wondering what to wear with them? Anything and everything! This is the best thing about them, pair them with skirts, culottes, jeans. Wear them day and night. Dress them up with a statement mini dress or dress them down with a plain tee and a simple midi skirt. Add a suede mini skirt and you've got the 60's style on point. Or to achieve a classic more Parisian style, aim for a monochrome look with white culottes and a black role neck top to tackle that autumn weather in style. 

If these aren't screaming out 'pick me pick me' then there are plenty of other options (below) hooray! However, just to give you a heads up, the best ones are the pricey ones, so if you're short on money then purchasing this seasons statement boot may be a problem. But, don't let it throw you off completely. Have a scan, and if you come across a pair you like, just think, they are a statement piece to last this autumn/winter and many to come. So go on, treat yourself. 

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