Pretty in Pink

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Headscarf - Joules
Ribbed halter-neck - ASOS
Shorts - Topshop
Hi all, I hope you're enjoying this bank holiday weekend!  I wanted to dedicate this week's post to all the reminiscing we're doing currently.  With not having the ability to do as much as we'd originally hoped in 2020, I think a lot of us are finding comfort in nostalgia, turning to old memories and photos to keep a positive mentality, and using them as a reminder of all the things we can look forward to once lockdown is over.  I'm definitely finding myself scrolling through old photos of friends, holidays and events on a more regular basis now, and I've even been looking back at really old photos of when I was younger in our family albums which has put a smile on my face for sure. 

So speaking of, whilst doing some spring cleaning last week (what better time to do this than in lockdown right?) I came across a particular photo that inspired this post.  It was a simple photo from our summer tour of Italy in the early 2000s that my dad had taken of my mum, my sisters and I standing in front of the Piazza San Marco in Venice from across the canal.  I remember mum had organised a different form of accommodation for us in each city we visited - we 'glamped' in Florence, stayed at a ranch in Rome (that was probably one of the first forms of Airbnb's actually), stayed in a caravan in Pisa and 'hotelled' in Venice.  Not only did this photo trigger wonderful memories of that family holiday, it also gave me some serious summer outfit inspiration.   For starters, I opted to match a pink and red halter neck with red shorts which is my favourite colour clashing combination.  I had also decided to complete the look with a floral pink headscarf, true I was probably wearing it more to protect my head from the sun than as a styling piece but hey, it is this item that makes the outfit even more fabulous. 

This was a look.  Also, I've cropped my family out the photo upon their request so apologies that you can't see beautiful Venice behind me. 

Ignoring the fact I chose to squint over wearing the sunglasses hanging from my top, young Lyds was quite a little fashionista, so much so, that she inspired the look for today's post.  As my 2020 recreation, I teamed one of my staple summer pieces, a ribbed halter-neck, with a pair of ice cream patterned silky shorts.  Now, these shorts are very very old, I remember buying them in my early teens and I am still surprised that they continue to fit me after all these years, but hey, I'm not complaining!  The pièces de résistance to the look is of course the headscarf.  After all these years of not wearing one, I am really into it, especially if it helps tame my wild hair. 

With the coming week looking to be a scorcher, this is definitely one outfit on the repeat list.  Of course, in my continued efforts in reducing my fashion footprint, outfit repeating is key in getting the best wear possible from our clothes, so in fact, this'll be one to pull out of the archives repeatedly for summer's to come, becoming a great #oootd (old outfit of the day).

Until next time, Lyds xx

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