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Bodysuit - PrettyLittleThing
Skirt - Vetiver at TKMaxx
Earrings - Nali at TKMaxx
Ohm charm necklace: gifted from India
Gold square necklace: Dyadema at TKMaxx

Hi my lovely lot, it's been a while.... a whole year in fact - bloody hell that's scary.  I appeared to be MIA from the blogging sphere last year and made an extremely poor attempt at creating content, sorry.  I find that when I'm not feeling 100% or life "gets in the way" my blog becomes easily neglected, and unfortunately, 2019 happened to be the worst year of leaving LVwears completely in the background.  Anyway, because there was a whole year's worth of missing content, why don't I catch you up on what I was up to over the last year  so that from next week a new year of blogging can begin from afresh.  I'm going to call this section - Lydia's 2019 highlights: a summary.

So, the last time I probably wrote a post on here, I was stressed to the max during my final year at uni.  Well, that's all over, as last year began with the submission of my dissertation followed by my graduation.  What an overwhelmingly happy day that was, celebrating 3 fabulous years in Belfast and getting to top it all off by coming away with a first-class honours degree - the cherry on top of an absolutely grand uni experience.

In the summer of 2019, I travelled to South Africa and Mozambique for a volunteering project, myself and a bunch of others helped out in areas of education, conservation, and construction.  I won't go into loads of detail about it now but all I will say is that it was an incredibly wholesome experience and Mozambique is just utter paradise.  As a side note, I put together a little highlight on my Instagram stories, so if you are interested in what I got up to, then head on over to my page for the complete low down of my Africa trip.

To round off 2019, I started the first phase of adulting and landed myself a new job as a Buying Administrator.  I still can't quite believe how quickly this turnaround was as the thought of coming out of uni and spending months looking for a job in the field I want to have a career in was terrifying and almost unbelievable.  But, here I am in the role which is the first stepping stone to my dream career - I am so bloody proud of myself.  Actually, looking back at it all now, I am so bloody proud of everything I achieved last year.  Here's hoping 2020 is the same.

2020.  How bloody freaky is that.  I honestly have a little anxiety about how fast the previous year has gone.  In fact, thinking about how fast the previous decade has gone is even bloody scarier!  Having looked back at the last year (and all previous years) I've realised I have achieved so much already to be proud/happy about, but why is it then that my mind seems to always jump to the future - what will I hope to have achieved in the next decade? Will I be happy with my career? Will I fall in love? There's an underlying fear that perhaps I won't accomplish what I've set out to achieve or I'll be unhappy about a choice I've made down the road.   I'm saying all this as if these thoughts are particular to me, but they're not, I feel that so many of us are constantly looking for more in our lives and thinking about what that might be, rather than appreciating the past or enjoying the present.  The funny thing is that as I write my thoughts here, I am taken back to New Year's Eve (of which this outfit is from) when my friend read my tarot cards for what my 2020 will look like.  The result?  Let's just say 2020 won't be my year.  Even though I take these things with a pinch of salt, I was told that I seem to be at war with myself about something - could this be it, am I conflicted by what it is I should be doing this year, and subsequent years, in order to feel accomplished, happy and satisfied by the time the next decade rolls around?  Who knows.  But, despite some cards telling me I'm going to have a difficult year, I'm going to try and put these anxieties about my future to one side and focus on what it is I want to right now.  Let's see, hopefully, when this year comes to an end, I can put together another summary of 2020 highlights of which I'm proud of.

Lyd  x

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