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Blazer dress - Zara
Flatform sandals - Zara
Hi everyone, as if we're in 2019 already!  It only felt like yesterday that I was sitting on my bed writing my first post of 2018 and here am I now, a year later sat writing the first post of 2019.  I mean, in all fairness, LVwears was practically inactive last year so I guess it's not surprising that the year flew by for the blog.  However, in general, 2018 was a very busy and exciting year for me, and (here comes the cliché bit) one of the best years of my life, and you know what they say, "time flies when you're having fun"!

As most people do when the year is coming to its end, you find yourself looking back at the highlights of that year.  For my friends and I on New Year's Eve, we were no different with our round of "peak and pits of 2018", 'peak' of course being the best and 'pits' being the worst things that happened.  As the round came to its close, it appeared that men/relationships, unfortunately, were a shared choice of answer in the 'pits' category and to be honest, kind of predictable.  Now, this is not me moaning about boys or any of the crappy things that happened to us last year, but rather it's to lead to a comment which was made by my friend Bethan, she said: "for 2019 let's not allow boys to be our pits".  How much sense does that comment make ladies!  I mean it is definitely easier said than done, but let's try.  In fact, let's extend this comment even further by saying that for 2019 let's try not to make any 'pits' that occur, actual 'pits'.  Instead, why don't we look to the positives which may arise the other side, so when it comes to "peak and pits of 2019" there aren't many 'pits' to mention.

Hair clips - old (but you can find embellished hair clips anywhere)
Earrings - ASOS
I know we're also halfway through January already, and new year's resolutions tend to be created before the new year hits but following on from the "peak and pits" discussion, I wanted to make this post into a little checklist of resolutions which I hope to reflect upon at the end of the year.  Interestingly, I've never been one to do resolutions as I've always thought that if you wanted to start something then just do it, there's no need to wait for a brand-new year to roll around.  However, as it's something I've never attempted, there's no reason not to give it a go, plus it gives me content for my first post of 2020!  So, without further ado, here are my six resolutions for the year ahead:

1.  Read more - bring back the desire you once had to read leisurely.
2.  Communicate more - touch base more often with the people you love.
3.  Keep working to reduce your consumption and disposal of fast fashion.
4.  Spend more time looking after yourself both physically and mentally.
5.  Revive LVwears - dedicate more time to your blog, you love it.
6.  Overthink less - what will be, will be.

Happy New Year!  Bring on 2019.

Lyd x

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