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Hi everyone, hope this week's been a good one to you and a little more stress-free than mine.  It seems that the stresses of my dissertation have well and truly set in this week and I am trying my absolute best to balance it out with other uni work, my job, and my blog as well as having the slightest bit of a social life.  I guess it's all about trying to find that perfect 'work-life (+ uni)' balance, right?  If anyone has any tips, I am all ears!

Dress - Missguided
Blazer - Vintage
Sheer bodysuit - Prettylittlething
Tights - Asos
Shoes - Dune London
Anyway, with the beginning of the week being slightly kinder to me on the stress scale, I went out for some casual drinks and a bit of live music with my girls to our new favourite chill spot in Belfast - The Tipsy Bird.  Now, the night was primarily meant for a uni assignment (of which I did get done) but naturally, towards the end, it became a night just like any other.  And so, as the night turned more social and less about uni, one thing became very clear: how much I needed to unwind; it seemed that without realising, my mind had been going back and forth between work and uni for the past couple of weeks and I just hadn't given myself time to properly unwind and have fun, how slightly depressing is that!  But, after several cocktails and a couple of hours of live music later, I fully chilled out, blocking work and uni life completely from my mind.

So that being said and with the next few days becoming increasingly more stressful, I thought I'd make it my mission to not let the stress of work, uni, and life get in my way!  The thing is, with deadlines and the busy retail period of Christmas quickly approaching, I know that the following months will only get more stressful, so it is very important to manage that stress by allowing oneself to enjoy things, let loose and not feel guilty about having some fun and taking time away from tasks - one thing I know I struggle to do!  It is crucial that we give a little more time to the 'life' aspect of the 'work-life' balance to help refresh the mind - so I'd better start paying attention to it!

Now in true LVwears fashion, let's chat a little bit about my outfit choice for The Tipsy Bird.  Following on from last week's post (here) about the impact of fashion on the environment, I thought I'd again style up a piece in my wardrobe which I just don't wear enough.  The item in question is this Aztec printed A-line mini dress; this is actually a dress which I had purchased around five years ago from Vinted, a second-hand clothing app and, another brilliant way of reducing the amount of clothing waste, however, I just never got around to getting much wear out of it.  So, on Tuesday night I decided to rework this dress by teaming it with a sheer, high-necked bodysuit underneath and a pair of polka-dot tights for a clash of prints and an added bit of dimension and, with the weather drastically turning now, these two items are perfect for layering an outfit to create a more transitional winter look.  To then complete this outfit, I paired it with my trusty boots from Dune and my go-to jacket of choice - my mum's vintage velvet blazer for a sophisticated and statement yet cosy look.

Lyd xx

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