From party-wear to day-wear

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Silk Jumpsuit - ASOS
Hat - ASOS
Flatform Sandals - Zara 

Hello everyone!  Hope you're all having a great start to the new year!  I know it's been a while, but once again I let uni take over my life towards the end of last year which left LVwears being completely neglected - one thing I'm not going to let it do this year!  Let's call it a new year's resolution, shall we?  Anyway, I thought I'd start my first post of 2018 with a little re-styling party wear post; I love watching these kinds of vids on YouTube and also, I'm really desperate to feature my NYE look on LVwears, so, I thought why not combine the two ey?

New Year's called for a 70s themed party and well, let's just say the Valverde's definitely channelled the decade, with undoubtedly the best dressed being my dad (scroll down for the best ode to the 70s).  My look was by far not as extravagant, and I kept it very 'me' whilst adding a 70s touch; whilst my dad channelled full disco hippie, I channelled fashion icon, Cher.  And so, let me begin talking you through the outfit: the simplest way of capturing the seventies is through a pair of flares or wide-leg trousers and so, of course, I opted for none other than a wide-leg jumpsuit.  But, this is no ordinary LBJ (little black jumpsuit) no... it is silky soft, incredibly comfortable and hangs soo beautifully.  Also, there is no photo to show you (sorry) but with the keyhole detailing at the front and an open back, I actually felt really sexy whilst feeling completely covered too!  Win-win situation I'd say. 

Now, what made me completely adore this look was the accessories!  I feel that the best and easiest way to channel a decade is through accessories, and so to complete my outfit I combined this gorgeous velvet knot-front hat, with firm seventies trends: socks and sandals and platform shoes.  Additionally, there is no denying also that this look would not be truly 70s without that vibrant eyeshadow (shout out to my sister for creating this fab look), for me the incorporation of the bluey-green shades with the block of black from the jumpsuit, is a great contrast and finishing touch to the look.  This is honestly one of my favourite outfits to date.

Despite being a completely fabulous party piece, this jumpsuit is also great for every day - another win-win!  For a casual day at the library, I dressed the jumpsuit down with a simple white tee layered underneath and a pair of trainers.  And, to ensure I kept as snuggly and warm as possible in this ridiculously icy cold weather, I added my trusty puffer coat - easy. 

Cropped Tee - ASOS
Puffer Coat - Zara
Trainers - Zara
P.S as a side note, I'd be really interested to know your opinion on what kind of content you like me doing, what you'd like to see more of, or any content that I haven't done which you'd like me to feature.  I've been having a bit of a mental block on what to post and well, I want to post things that you enjoy the most, so feel free to comment or get in touch with me to let me know! 

Lyd xx

Best dressed: my dad

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