The Gingham effect

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Slogan t-shirt - Daisy Street at ASOS
Gingham ruffle skirt - Pretty Little Thing
Lace up sandals  -  ASOS
After a mini disaster last week with my blog which took tech savvy Lydia longer than most to solve, we have a new post! This means, for those of you who missed my last post, you get a 2 for 1 on lvwears content today, lucky you eh! The post was all about a new piece of content lvwears will feature, whereby I will be styling up my own take on a catwalk look.  So, click here to see my take on Christian Dior SS17.

In regards to today's outfit, I have gone for an extremely comfortable, simple, preppy/school girl look.  Once again, I feature two of my favourite things - ruffles and a slogan tee.  It also features a new love of mine - gingham.  Oh how I love gingham; who would've thought the pattern which was used on our old school uniform would make its way into the trends this spring/summer.  Had I known, I would've kept that green and white gingham summer dress all those years ago.  Instead, today's look features this playful ruffle mini skirt paired with this super soft slogan t-shirt which reads true to me - "you are Monday, I am Friday night." You can't go wrong with a plain white tee, it's perfect for those "I don't know what to wear days." And, with the addition of a bold slogan, which has been everywhere this season, you've got a stand out look right there.  Finally, to complete the look, I've broken that age old fashion rule of socks and sandals (which for clarification, should always be broken) with my trusty croc print sandals, because first of all I'm not a huge feet fan, secondly it adds a pop of colour and thirdly I find it just adds that summin' summin' to the outfit.

To find similar pieces to this look, follow the links to alternative options below.

Lyd xx

Daisy Street 'basic tee' t-shirt, £12.99, ASOS
'Hun' slogan t-shirt by Love, £16.99, Topshop 
Patent effect message t-shirt, £12.99, Mango

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